Civil Courage Prize
for steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk

About Us

The Train Foundation

The Train Foundation was established by The Hon. John Train in 1987. The Foundation's Board of Trustees is listed below.

Since 2000, the Foundation has sponsored the international Civil Courage Prize, which honors extraordinary individuals whose acts, undertaken deliberately, over time, have demonstrated "steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk."

Trustees and Officers

The Hon. John Train, Trustee and Chairman
Investment Counsel; Columnist

George C. Biddle, Trustee and Co-Chairman
Chairman, World Connect

Ariadne Calvo-Platero, Trustee and President
Journalist, Editor

Musa T. Klebnikov, Trustee and Secretary

Louis N. Bickford, Trustee
Founder of Memria

The Hon. Nicholas Platt, Trustee
Former U.S. Ambassador

Ann Brownell Sloane, Trustee
The Eisenhower Foundation

Sumner Gerard III, Treasurer
Chartered Financial Analyst


GHS Philanthropy Management

Sara Perkins, Executive

Laura Greenberg, Editor



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